Sunday 13 January 2013

Sunday Lost Scenes - Sunday 13th January

With new Enviro200s and Enviro300s soon due for Stagecoach South, the affectionately named SPuDs will soon be moved onto other services and possibly other companies...

Stagecoach South Dennis Dart SPD 33058 - X956VAP - Southsea, Southsea Parade Pier - 29th August 2004

Stagecoach acquired a large batch of Dennis Dart SPDs in 2000, to upgrade the premier route between Southsea and Leigh Park. Route 23 operates every 10 minutes - branded here as "6 buses per hour". Following the 2008 delivery of Enviro300s, the SPDs were moved to Chichester and Basingstoke. 2013 will again see the SPDs replaced by Enviros, as Chichester route 51 is to be 'Gold'ed, with Basingstoke route 2 upgraded. It will be interesting to see where the SPDs end up - probably around Hampshire still but on secondary routes.

I miss the old stripes livery - I prefer the swoops but this livery was traditional Stagecoach. I hope to bring you photos of the new Enviros as and when they are delivered. The first ones aren't too far away...


  1. I used to live in Leigh Park where I frequently saw this bus, i can recall the design

  2. Like similar buses in other parts of Stagecoach, the SPuD's will be disposed of. They are not DDA compliant and have done 13 years hard work on front line service, so if you want to preserve a SPuD start saving now :-)