Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Lost Scenes - Sunday 3rd February

Today's Sunday Lost Scenes comes from Weymouth in 2009...

Sureline M460JBA, with L317AUT in the background - 4th September 2009

Sureline operated in Weymouth from 2002 until 2009. They brought a fleet of predominantly minibuses to the seaside town, operating across a number of routes with smaller margins that weren't operated by First. There was some competition across different routes. The fleet was started with 12 Mercedes-Benz 709Ds and one 609D - both of these buses were two of the original 12 709Ds.

M460JBA was new to London & Country and later an Arriva bus, while L317AUT was a former Midland Fox bus. Both were acquired by South West Coaches in 2009, when Sureline was bought out. Now the grey-silver buses of SWC operate in Weymouth. Bus services in Weymouth are in limbo at the moment - both SWC and First don't seem to want to put all their resources into the town, but you get the impression if one of them did, it may just see the other company leave. Maybe the management of Sureline were right to sell on and abandon the town altogether?

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  1. Great photos as always bus80d, can't wait to see some more

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