Monday, 9 December 2013

Southern Vectis week: Monday

Southern Vectis 817 - G526VYE - Ryde (Brading Road) - 24th April 2004

Former London United Dennis Dart 817 (G526VYE) was bought in around the turn of the millenium (2000 / 2001) to bolster services and the quota of short Darts that could fit down to the Red Jet terminal in Cowes. This is pictured on the then-recently extended route 1 - every half an hour from Cowes to Bembridge (via Ryde and Newport), with hourly extensions to Sandown. A long time on a Dart methinks! This Dart is now in preservation, carrying this livery.


  1. It was one of two on the Island - 516 and 526 - and it's sister survives in regular service with Emsworth and District, now nearly 25 years old !!!

  2. great photo James, enjoying Southern Vectis week

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