Tuesday 26 June 2012

Brighton Bendies

On Saturday 16th June, I visited Brighton to grab some photos of the bus operations. In conjunction with the university open day, three former London Mercedes-Benz Citaro artics were out in service. This allowed me to grab my first shots of the buses in service. 

I seldom get the opportunity to photograph articulated buses. We used to have some in Southampton, but these were moved away in 2004 much to my disappointment. Therefore, it takes me a little while to get my angles in check when photographing them. Here is Brighton & Hove 107 (BD57WDK) departing Churchill Square for the Universities, a shot possible before 12noon. Then the sun moves around...

One of the problems in photographing artics is you sometimes don't get the rear in. Here is Citaro 102 (BX02YZM) heading for Palmeira Square. The artics, thus far, all are branded for route 25, a cross city route that connects the Uni with the outskirts of Hove.

The third Citaro out on that day was 104 (BX02YYW). This was one of the first 4 Citaros acquired second hand by Brighton & Hove, which were new in London in 2002. St Peters Church stands tall and proud creating a magnificent backdrop.

Afternoon shots near St Peters Church are an excellent way to get easy offside shots of the Citaros. Here's another view of 102, as it heads for Hove on route 25.

Finally for today, here is another shot of 107. 107 is part of a batch of 10 Citaros recently acquired by Brighton & Hove, which were new in London in 2007/8. 5 are already in service, with the other ones being prepared at the moment. I prefer the updated Citaro front to the old styling, and 107 looks brilliant as it heads past St Peters Church. These church photos were all taken about 1430.

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