Thursday 18 October 2012

Go Ahead Tridents in new lands

Two of Go Ahead's premier companies - the Oxford Bus Company and Brighton & Hove - have been cascading some of their older Dennis Tridents around the more recently acquired companies. This post specifically focuses in on a couple of Tridents at Thames Travel.

First up, we have former Brighton & Hove 806 - T806RFG - now number 915 with Thames Travel. It is pictured outside Reading railway station - the large scale developments and rebuilding work at the station can be seen in the background. It is one of three Tridents of the same type acquired from the Sussex fleet. 915 is pictured on the X39, an express route connecting Oxford and Reading. The service is hourly and takes just over an hour most of the time. Weekday loadings have steadily increased over the past few years, which brings greater capacity to the corridor.

Secondly, we have 109 (T109DBW) - one of a large batch of Dennis Tridents acquired by the Oxford Bus Company for park and ride routes. These buses have an interestingly coloured interior! 109 retains the two-tone base of the Oxford Park & Ride livery, but has Thames Travel blue at the bottom. It is an example of the two local Go Ahead companies working together. As well as this, four Mercedes-Benz Citaros moved to Thames Travel along with the X2 route. Therefore, the Didcot - Oxford corridor is now operated by Thames Travel - the Citaros look great in this livery too.

Thames Travel is a particularly interesting company. Something changes on every visit to the area. If you would like any more information on Thames Travel or bus services in that area, please visit the excellent Bus Zone website.


  1. X39/X40 is every 30 minutes, not hourly...

  2. Some of the ex-B&H Tridents have been sent up to Anglian Bus with them recieving 4. These are T811/2/3/5RFG and numbered 512-516 in the local fleet.

  3. It is a shame that I have not got a clear view from my perch in Wokingham Signal Box, there are often some great opportunities for shots.

  4. @ Anon 18th October: The post referred to the X39, which is actually hourly. The two combined are half hourly, but I don't actually mention the X40.

    @ Peter: I noticed a few went up to AnglicanBus - there have been a few photos as they arrive on the East Norfolk blog and the Eastern Counties blog. They should look good in the yellow and blue of Anglicanbus.