Sunday 28 October 2012

Sunday Lost Scenes - Sunday 28th October

With BlueStar soon to receive brand new double deckers for route 1 (Winchester - Southampton), I thought we'd remember what went before...

Solent Blue Line 732 - H732DDL - Fryern Hill - 29th February 2008

The Scania Omnicity double deckers for route 1 arrived towards the end of the year, but at the start of 2008 route 1 was an eclectic mix of all types of Solent Blue Line buses. The intended operation was to use the Volvo B7TLs, but in reality anything including Tridents, Volvo and Leyland Olympians, Volvo B10B single decks or Mercedes-Benz Citaros could operate on the routes. The sight of 732 trundling between Southampton and Winchester was not a rare sight. 

With BlueStar's allocations now fairly established, I look back to 2008 and realise that I did not make the most of the variety that was on offer to the bus enthusiast. The 7 Scania Omnicities are rarely off route, and you seldom find anything else on route 1. This is excellent for BlueStar's image, meaning that the service is always of consistent quality and reliable for the customer.

I'm not sure what the new deckers for route 1 will be at the turn of they year. I've heard Enviro400s mentioned but that was just a rumour. The 58-plate Scania Omnicities will, apparently, then move onto route 2, cascading the Volvo B7TLs to school services. I'll hope to bring you photos of these buses when they arrive.


  1. Likewise I've heard rumours of E400s and Volvo chassis E400s. Doesn't look like any more Scanias though, for which I'm sure the drivers will be grateful :)

  2. It might even be Wright double deck on a volvo chassis. Scania no longer produce double deck

  3. I know Southern Vectis are receiving 20 (or is it 22, can't remmeber) Enviro400s for their Vectis Blue routes - the BlueStar order could be tagged on to these.

  4. I've heard that Wilts and Dorset will also be receiving new double deckers in the next couple of months. One source mentioned that there is a significant change of Wright Gemini's, although is unconfirmed.