Sunday 2 June 2013

Sunday Lost Scenes - Sunday 2nd June

Today's Sunday Lost Scenes comes from Sunday 24th July 2005 - presuming I've got my records right...

Falmouth Outstation on Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, July 2005

From front to near:
46102 - already withdrawn at the time this photo was taken in reserve, now scrapped
34709 - was Barbie'd during its time with FDC but has since been withdrawn
38872 - long withdrawn
53007 - now with First Cymru, I believe
48270 - now in Weymouth
38873 - again, long withdrawn
48271 - still with FHD in Plymouth
41154 - withdrawn with FDC - I don't think this ever made it to First Cymru
46160 - ex-First Thamesway, again long withdrawn at FDC
42457 - now in Southampton with First Hampshire & Dorset
48273 - now in Weymouth (the Corlink branded example)
48272 - the other side of 48273, and again with its sister vehicle in Weymouth
53005 - I believe this is another one in First Cymru (Bridgend, I think)

So from all of the fleet posted above, a view taken eight years ago, no buses are in service in Falmouth, and only one remains in the First Devon & Cornwall fleet...


  1. As always bus80d, I am enjoying your lovely photos. Feel so lucky at the number of posts in the last 7 days

  2. Another interesting and informative post.

    I hope you don't mind me expanding on some of the vehicle details:

    53007 is still with FD&C in Cornwall.

    You're right that 41154 didn't make it to First Cymru.

    You're also right that 53005 is now with First Cymru, though it's allocated to Swansea Ravenhill depot.


    Barrie Gilbert

  3. This past week, I have noticed quite a few Scaniab uses on the X4 route

  4. maybe put something about the new forest tour if you can bus80d they have been putting up the bus stop flags and timetable displays in some places and they have the timetable leaflets out for people to collect.