Tuesday, 8 February 2011

BlueStar already serving Lymington

With the forthcoming switch of route 56/56A from Wilts & Dorset to BlueStar, I thought I'd take the oppurtunity to explore some BlueStar vehicles already hard at work in the small Hampshire town. I hope you don't mind another route 56 post - it serves many areas I enjoy visiting and photographing in.

First up is the BlueStar route already in service around Lymington. Two Volvo B7TLs operate on the summer only New Forest Tour, serving Beaulieu, Lyndhurst and Lymington, amongst other areas. Ironically, the  Volvo B7TLs were new to Wilts & Dorset at Lymington, and still carry the numbers as new - here is 408 (HF05GGO).

Solent Blue Line began operating this route as the 49 - then the 149 - using two Bristol VRs. UFX857S - then numbered 901 - was new to Hants & Dorset before passing over to sister company Southern Vectis. It ended back up within the company in 2003. She is pictured in August 2004, in Lymington high street.

Finally, Wilts & Dorset already operate a number of former BlueStar Olympians on routes around Lymington. Here is a photo of East Lancs bodied 766 (M736BBP); at one time named Solent Belle with Solent Blue Line. The Olympians tend to stay on the 56/56A, Brockenhurst college contracts and school routes - Lymington may have no service work for them when route 56 transfers over at the end of the month. Thanks for viewing - that should be it on the 56/56A for a couple of weeks at least!


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