Monday, 6 June 2011

FHD re-shuffles

This is more of a news-y post, just to consolidate all the info of what is going on in First Hants & Dorset at the moment:

  • IN: Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 2 42232 (T32JCV), 42234 (T34JCV) and 42780 (S680SNG), all ex- First Devon & Cornwall. Into service is Dart SLF 42773 (S773SNG). 42232 and 42234 were new to Truronian, whereas 42780 is a former Hong Kong Dart.
  • PENDING IN: 42778 (S678SNG) ex- Hilsea - to be transferred to Hoeford but going via Southampton.
  • OUT: 40842 (R642DUS) to Southampton, 40827 (R647DUS) has been reported to have gone too.
  • IN: Dart SLF/Marshall Capital 41147 (P247OEW), 41346 (V346DLH), 41348 (V348DLH) and 41387 (X387HLR), all ex- First Cymru and new to First London. 41348 and 41348 are MPD versions - 25 seaters, while 41147 is a 31 seater - 41387 being a 10.2m example and a 33 seater.
  • IN (loan): 47367 (N467ETR) from Hoeford.
  • PENDING OUT: 42778 (S678SNG) to Hoeford, along with 2 other examples.
  • IN: 40822 (R642DUS) confirmed and 40827 (R647DUS) suggested to have returned to Southampton from Hoeford depot. The others in the "DUS" batch are expected to follow in the coming weeks.
In simple terms, Hoeford have gained a further 3 Dennis Dart SLFs from Devon & Cornwall (can't be many left now!), and their first ex-Truronian examples in the form of T32JCV and T34JCV.

Hilsea have received 4 former London & Cymru Dennis Dart SLFs with Marshall bodywork -3 are in service already (41348 isn't yet) - these will displace 4 Darts to Hoeford - which will transfer the whole of the DUS batch of Darts (former Glasgow R642-7DUS) along with native Southampton bus 41515 (R415WPX).

That's the plan at the mo anyway. Could all change! Photos hopefully to come sooner rather than later - in the meantime I direct you to Matt Forbes' BlueMelon site and my FHD site's forum where you can see photos of most of the the new Darts in service.

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