Friday, 3 June 2011

Southern Vectis Optare Solos

I managed to photograph my first Southern Vectis Optare Solo today - former Wilts & Dorset 2632 (S632JRU) which I last photographed in Romsey...

The Solos are a little tricky to find for the non-SV expert enthusiast. You can assume one will be on route 25 (Newport - Folly Inn and East Cowes), and this is where I found 2632 today, arriving in Newport on the midday arrival. Route 25 seemed to be very well used as it left Newport bus station.
I think - like most buses - the Southern Vectis livery suits the Solo extremely well. Five Solos are operated by Southern Vectis - sister 2631 (in green) along with 2618 (W&D red), 2620 (SV green) and 2621 (W&D red). I saw 2620 on a route 7 today surprisingly - when I waited for it to return it had been replaced by an Omnicity, so presumably the bus was a late substitute.

I hope to photograph the other four Solos in due course - but for now I'm glad that I've got one!

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