Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lymington rail link

The line between Lymington Town and Lymington Pier is being redeveloped at the moment, which means the usual weekday Class 158 or weekend Class 450 is curtailed at Lymington Town. The remaining journey is completed by one of Stagecoach South's South West Trains livered Volvo Olympians, and I was lucky enough to capture one in action last week...

16502 - NDZ3020 (previously R502UWL) - Lymington Town rail station - 15th February

Former Manchester based 16502 was my Olympian last week - pictured here reversing into the "bay" where the bus and train swap passengers. 158882 is in the background. Train and bus meet at Lymington Town at every 20 past and every 50 past (I think they arrive at 21' past to leave 4 minutes later) giving a rare photo opportunity. The LED also displays "South West Trains Lymington", although unfortunately it did not come out on this photo. 

You will be able to get this photo opportunity until 29th March - I may return one day to get further shots.


  1. The rail line is not being re-developed. Wightlink, the Isle of Wight operator are rebuilding their ferry docking area. Passengers and cars temporarily have to cross the railway track at the normally maintenance slipway to access the ferries. It is this that has caused the Lymington Town to Pier section of the track to be closed and rail replacement buses to be used. It must be costing Wightlink an absolute fortune to pay for the replacement bus service.

  2. Ah, thank you for the information. Much appreciated.