Wednesday, 29 February 2012

What type of photographer are you?

I really enjoy this time of the year as each day, the days are getting longer and the sun is getting that little bit higher in the sky. Photography conditions are improving, which makes me want to get out more!

In the sun, photography conditions can be difficult - but you can also get some of your best ever photos due to the light. This leads me onto a question which I will attempt to answer for myself, but it is just one to consider when out and about. Would you consider yourself to be:
(a) a bus enthusiast who takes photos, or 
(b) a photographer who takes transport related images.

(A) would be a bus enthusiast looking for as many sightings as possible, especially those rarer ones of a bus off route or similar. Regardless of the angle against the sun, the photo would be taken, as it would be more important to record the event than worry about the sun.

(B) would be a bus enthusiast who would get into a sun-friendly position, and not move, aiming to take the best photos of any bus that turned up. The focus would be on the angle of the sun, and this would involve ignoring even a rarely allocated bus if the sun angle was not suitable.

Now I reckon I am, unfortunately, more of a B than an A. I tend to get in a sun friendly position and will seldom take photos of buses heading the other way against the sun. For example, at South Parade Pier on Saturday, I stood on the promenade and took shots with the sun against my back. I ignored every bus heading the other way as the sun wasn't right. Luckily there were no rare allocations! 

Can the two be combined? Probably, as it is important to get a balance. If I've never been to a location before I try not to worry about the sun until I get "settled". In my view, if you can get perfect sun you should try, although don't pull your hair out trying to do so. 

Bright cloudy conditions - now there's an easy day's photography :-)


  1. "Bright cloudy conditions - now there's an easy day's photography :-)"

    Absolutely - you know my feelings on this James!! The way I look at it is if I've spent my hard earned money going somewhere then I want to maximise my chances of getting as much as possible!! Every day before I go out on a photting trip I pray for a bright yet cloudy day to make my life as easy as can be!! I would firmly class myself as an "A" - I will wherever possible get the sun behind me but will not pass up a shot simply because "the suns not right" or indeed because there is a piece of street furniture/car/pedestrian/cyclist etc etc that may be slightly in the way. My philosophy is simple - a bad shot is better than no shot because (a) it may be the only the time you ever see that particular vehicle or (b) the only time you see that particular vehicle on that rare working . . .

    Quantity not quality for me I'm afraid, although quality is the ultimate goal, its not at the expense of quantity!

    Whats someone needs to invent is a switch that moves the sun around as needed . . . ;o)

  2. I agree with the last point!

    "Bright cloudy conditions - now there's an easy day's photography :-)" - I put that statement in pretty much just for you Ant! I must say my photos in Eastleigh yesterday were made all the better due to the clouds and it was good not to have to worry about the sun. As you will fully be aware, Eastleigh is useless for photography when the sun is shining....

    "Quantity not quality for me I'm afraid, although quality is the ultimate goal, its not at the expense of quantity!" - I agree, although I really shot put this into practise more. I get far too set in a position and stay there...