Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blog Facts

I haven't done a post on blog facts and thanks for a while, so I thought today I could let you know how the blog is doing.

Monthly Figures for 2012:
January - 8,529 views
February - 8,075 views
March - 10,407 views - the first time the blog has beaten the 5-figure mark and no doubt this post on Omnibuses and continued support from Graham (PT) amongst other blogs has helped.

Favourite posts for last month:
Special mention goes to my post from Horsham which is number 6 in the list - I may well try and document this area more if interest exists here. Top viewed post of all time comes from Wiltshire, with Wilts & Dorset's X5 taking the crown.

Top Referrers:
Always number one, and huge thanks to Graham of Plymothian Transit as always.
Always number two, and again huge thanks to Busing of Omnibuses as always.

Thank you to all my viewers for your continued support.

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