Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Southern England Bus Scene from Norfolk

Over the past few days I've been away in Norfolk. Amongst other things, I manage to get out and grab some photos of the local bus scene. Over the next week or so I'll be reporting from various locations around Norfolk, and today I'm going to start with some of the towns around Norwich.

My first stop was Wymondham, a small market town south of Norwich. Apparently you pronounce it "Wind-um/am" but I spent the week calling it "Wim-mond-ham"... First  at Norwich have recently swapped a lot of their 1997/1998 Scanias with Northampton's 2002 Volvo B7Ls. The transfer was apparently made because First promised to hit an emissions target in Norwich. The rumours of the sale or closure of Northampton continue to circle. One of Northampton's former Volvo B7Ls - new to Manchester - 66340 (MV02VCP) pictured at Wymondham market place on July 28th. 

Wymondham is also served by two Konectbus routes - the 6 and the 9. Konectbus have recently been acquired by Go Ahead, and I have to say the fleet is one of the most modern that I have encountered. Here is one of their Optare Tempos - 409 (YJ57EGY) - at the Market Place. The curious structure to the left is the town's tourist information office, and is certainly one of the most fascinating tourist information centres I've ever been in!

Norwich also operate a native batch of Volvo B7RLEs. Here is 69011 (AU05DMZ) loading passengers for Norwich on route 15.

The Konectbus routes to Wymondham were predominantly Tempo operated, although I did see a Versa out later on in the week. This one is 411 (MX58ABV). The two operators give a frequent service to Norwich, and both produce leaflets documenting their individual Wymondham - Norwich services.

Next up, Wroxham. Wroxham is a town on the broads that appears to be very commercialised - certainly it seems a lovely place out of season, although it was a bit busy for me. Here is another of Norfolk's Go Ahead-owned companies - Anglianbus. This is one of three Scania Omnilinks operated by the company - 440 (AN61BUS) illustrates the personalised registration.

First's offering to Wroxham is route 12, now operated by ex-Northampton Volvo B7Ls. 66344 (MV02VCX) passes over one of the Norfolk Broads as it heads back to Norwich. The interiors of some of these buses are rather tired, although with a refurb and a repaint, they'll look like new. I must say all appeared very smart externally.

Finally, a shot from Stalham, a town further on from Wroxham and to the north-east of Norwich. Stalham is served by First on an one-an-hour route 12, along with two Sanders Coaches services. Illustrating the former, here is 66338 (MV02VCN) pausing on the scheduled break in Stalham. 

Norfolk is certainly an interesting place for buses - I'll have posts from Norwich, Cromer, Great Yarmouth and north-Norfolk to come.


  1. A great blog - very refreshing to see your take on bus operations in the Norfolk area. Liked your site so much that I have added a link to it from my blog. I look forward to your report on bus activity in my home town of Great Yarmouth

  2. Thanks eastnorfolkbus- I've added a link to your blog from the links section of this blog. I haven't quite worked out how to do the "blogs I'm following" thingy yet, but I have visited yours regularly before and during my trip. Interesting to see Gt. Yarmouth have the new Enviro200s - looks like I got the old stock just in time :)