Sunday 19 August 2012

Norfolk Bus Scene 5B - smaller operators in Norwich

This is the last of my Norfolk posts. This has been an area of the country I've enjoyed documenting. Today's post finishes off with the smaller operators in Norwich. Sunday Lost Scene's will be running late, coming tomorrow.

I'm going to start with Konectbus' Mercedes-Benz Citaro artics. A number have entered service in Norwich following their removal from service in London. They seem to have settled down on the 604 Park & Ride route, which connects with Norwich bus station. This Citaro is 800 (BD57WDA).
Konectbus are one of a number of companies in Eastern England owned by Go Ahead. Their owners have transferred these in from London, and they certainly look smart running around the city. This one is 801 (BD57WCY).
The second Go Ahead operation in Norwich is Anglianbus. A variety of Omnicities, Omnilinks, Tempos and Solos seem to serve Norwich. These are typified by Tempo 407 (YJ06FZK), which as just arrived in Norwich with a service from Great Yarmouth.

Sanders Coaches operate a number of services into Norwich, such as the 44 to Cromer and the 45 to Holt. Another route is the 55 to North Walsham, operated here by the numerically the first bus in the fleet - 101 (YJ07JPV).

Konectbus operate a fleet of Enviro400s on the high profile route 8. This connects Norwich with Dereham and Toftwood. 601 (SN61CZX) is pictured departing Norwich bus station on 30th July.

Tempos are operated by Anglianbus, Konectbus and Norfolk Green in Norwich. Here two of the companies stand side by side - Norfolk Green's YJ56ATU stands out of service, as Konectbus' YJ57EGY heads off for Wymondham.

Here's one of Anglianbus' Solos, just arriving into Norwich city centre on route 123. This bus is 303 (YJ51XSM), and is pictured along Castle Meadow.

Finally, here is Norfolk Green's Optare Tempo 105 (YK57FHM) circumnavigating the bus station to find the correct stand for it's X29 to Fakenham. This Tempo wears the new livery for Norfolk Green, and the photo doesn't really do justice for how smart this bus looked. 

Thank you for viewing my posts from Norwich and the Norfolk area. Back to the South now!


  1. Oops - 601 (SN61CZX) is a Konect vehicle. I've enjoyed the Norfolk posts tremendously. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Mick, the photo has come out of my Konectbus folder, so I must have just lost focus when writing. I'll correct it now.

    I'm glad you have enjoyed the posts- it has been fun to document another region.


  3. Enjoy reading about Norfolk Bus Scene 5B - smaller operators in Norwich