Saturday, 18 August 2012

Norfolk Bus Scene 5A - First in Norwich

These are my final two posts from Norfolk. I'm going to post one on Saturday and the second on Sunday, so there will be an intended late running Sunday Lost Scenes this week. I'm going to start with First in Norwich, part of First Eastern Counties t/a First in Norfolk and Suffolk, and part of First in East England.

There's only one place to start, and this is with First's magnificent Volvo B9TLs. A sizeable batch is in service in Norwich, predominantly routes 25 and 35 which serve the University. Unlike the X1 Volvo B9TLs, these buses have Mk2 Wright bodywork. This one is 36179 (BD11CDY), pictured along Castle Meadow. 

However, these buses are only a small percentage of the double decks in Norwich - the majority being Plaxton President bodied. Norwich resembles an outstation of London these days, with both Volvo B7TLs and Dennis Tridents in operation around the city. This one is a Volvo B7TL - 32104 (LT02ZCO). When you are photographing in Norwich, it is quite common to have a three or four Plaxton Presidents passing down Castle Meadow at once!

A Dennis Trident this time - fleet number 33163 (LR02LXZ). Amongst Norwich's many Tridents, they have 33151-33163, which, being from a FHD region and we have had Volvo B10BLEs numbered 66151-66163, felt very familiar!

There's a few Volvo B7RLEs in service around Norwich - three were diverted (I think...) from a batch new to First Somerset & Avon in 2005-6. This one is 66950 (WX55TZM), pictured heading for Stalham.

After the Presidents, the next most common bus are Volvo B7Ls, recently acquired from First Northampton. 66329 (MV02VBD) is pictured arriving in the city centre on route 26.

Two Volvo B10BLEs new to First Yorkshire are in service in Norwich at the moment - sisters of the two at Great Yarmouth. Here is 60807 (S658RNA) loading passengers for Wymondham on route 14 at Norwich bus station.

A few Solos new to First Essex are in use in Norwich - predominantly working route 9 in the week. 53119 (EO02NEY) is pictured heading for Ives Road back on 30th July.

As discussed previously, the X1 connects Norwich with Kings Lynn and Peterborough in the North and Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft in the south. Pictured heading south is Volvo B9TL 37565 (AU58ECD), loading passengers in Norwich bus station.

The number of Dart SLFs operating in Norwich are reducing all the time. One of only 4 that I saw during my visit is 43474 (R474CAH), here pictured along Castle Meadow heading for Taverham.

Finally, here's another view of one of Norwich's year old Volvo B9TLs. These are very impressive buses. There has been some debate in the enthusiast work as to whether the mark 2 styling is better than the mark 1. I do prefer the mark 1 styling myself - however I do think that the Wright bodywork needed updating and this certainly does the job well. This Volvo B9TL is 37162 (BD11CFV), pictured heading for the railway station on route 25.

Thanks for viewing - tomorrow I'll do the smaller operators.

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