Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday Lost Scenes #8

This Sunday lost scenes is from Helston back in August 2005...

Truronian T32JCV is now in service with First Hants & Dorset at Hoeford depot, as First's 42232. First took over Truronian a few years ago, and inherited the fleet, predominantly consisting of Darts, Solos and a few old Olympians, alongside the coaching business. Two Darts now operate from Hoeford depot in Hampshire - T32JCV and sister T34JCV. Both have been repainted to First livery and also now have LED displays. The Truronian livery no longer exists, so I was very lucky to photograph this bus back six years ago.


  1. Hi James.

    This is a bit of a random comment, but I thought it was the best option.

    I've just been on the GSC forum and something bad happened: Something took control of my computer and sent me rapidly through many pages of the GSC site (including the list of members I never go on) and led me to some dodgy page. I eventually managed to close the browser but the mouse still kept jiggling around the screen.

    It seems to have gone now and I'm currently running a full system scan to check for any viruses. But, before I risk going back on either the GSC of FHD forum, I just wanted to know if anyone else had had these problems? Or is it just me?


  2. Hi Anon,

    I haven't had any reports of this happening to anyone else, but it doesn't mean that it hasn't happened.

    I think you should be ok, but let me know if it does happen again. It is working for me today.


  3. OK, thanks James. I've given it another go, and no problems so far. I think I may have accidentally clicked on one of the adverts before, which might have had something to do with it.

    Hopefully it won't happen again.