Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Lost Scenes #5

Apologies for the lack of posts recently - as warned, a new job and new career has significantly limited my bus time! However, with the weather so excellent today, I decided to go out and about. Today's lost scene is not technically a lost scene yet, but soon will be...

Stagecoach South (Winchester) Dennis Dart SLF 33026 - XSU682 - Wickham Square

Due to Hampshire County Council funding cuts, the Sunday 69 from Fareham - Winchester is being cut later this month. Route 69 on a Sunday is operated by a single deck bus, rather than Rivers branded Tridents as it is Monday - Friday. 33026 is one of the former Winchester Park & Ride Darts, and I haven't caught it on camera since it was in that livery so all round today was good! Wickham is one of several villages that will now not see any bus service on Sunday. You've got a couple more Sundays by my reckoning to recreate this picture if interested.

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