Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Lost Scenes - 18th March

This week's Sunday Lost Scenes comes from Bridgemary, near Gosport in Hampshire...

People's Provincial 3 - H523CTR - Bridgemary (Nobes Avenue) - 27th August 2007

Bridgemary's bus services will soon change massively. With BRT now just over a month away from being introduced, the Dart's days are numbered. H523CTR comes from an era even before the Darts. 

The Gosport rally in 2007 saw H523CTR make it's rally debut, and I was lucky enough to catch a ride on one if the free trips. We went for a tour of Gosport, with a photography opportunity at Bridgemary, which brings this shot. The weather on the day was wonderful, but luckily the sun just ducked behind a cloud or else this shot would have been far more difficult!

H523CTR has been a regular attendee at the Stokes Bay rally, which is to be held on Sunday 5th August this year. For more details please click here, and H523CTR has already been provisionally booked in for service. 

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  1. Portsmouth route 17/18 is one of my local routes. Dart SLFs now look like they are the main source for that route. It appears when it's not a Dart, it's Volvo B10le. In fact I have only seen 1 Scania on the route today. Strange as the darts were the main bus over 10 years ago!

    Makes me wonder if Scanias will pop up on some of the big bus route's, with older busses, eg route 6.