Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Unilink's new PVLs

Today was the first time I've managed to catch up with one of BlueStar's new Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents, now in use on the Unilink U1 service between the National Oceanography Centre and Southampton Airport.

BlueStar Volvo B7TL 1310 (VJI3968, previously W477WGH) pictured at Southampton Airport earlier this afternoon.

All of the Volvo B7TLs were recently acquired from London General, a fellow Go Ahead owned company, where they are in the PVL class of fleetnumbers. A brief summary below shows the changes:
PVL74 - W474WGH - now f/no. 1310 and registered VJI3968 at BlueStar
PVL77 - W477WGH - now f/no. 1311 and registered YSU875 at BlueStar
PVL78 - W478WGH - now f/no. 1312 and registered USV115 at BlueStar
PVL81 - W481WGH - now f/no. 1313 and registered SBL364 at BlueStar

As shown above, all have recieved cherished registrations already within the Go South Coast group taken from other buses, which have since reverted back to their original registrations as far as I'm aware. Even though these buses are now over a decade old, you certainly wouldn't know that if you saw one in Southampton city centre - their presentation following refurbishment and repaint is excellent.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ugo to Southampton

Just a quick Sunday snap, of former First West Yorkshire and Plymouth Ugobus Volvo B7RLE 69248 (YJ07WFP) now out in service with First Hampshire and Dorset.

With thanks to Mr G for alerting me to 69248's operation on route 8A - much appreciated!

69248, as you will have noticed, has received First Hants & Dorset's famous black paint treatment. I didn't like it at all at first, but when you see them for real it does add a smartness to the Volvo B7RLE - and it also makes them look slightly similar to the Wright Eclipse Mk2 versions. I'm even starting to become a little fond of it. To the right is First Bristol's 69449 (WX59BZC). The bodywork of the Wright Eclipse Mk2 makes the extra black paint slightly more appropriate, due to the curves of the body. Anyway, I'll leave you to make your own opinions... 66882 - the only other B7RLE to arrive thus far - has also received the black paint so I'd assume the other 8 due will also receive it unless management have changed their mind! Management has changed their minds - the other 8 should enter service with the usual pink headlight surrounds.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Southampton update

This is just a quick "news"-like post to update readers on the situation in Southampton. I appreciate that many readers of this website are not members of the FHD or GSC forums, so hopefully this post will be of some use.

From Monday, the Unilink U1 service will operate every 10 minutes from approximately 0800 until 1830 during weekdays. The U1 connects the airport with new Highfield interchange (nearly complete now), Portswood, London Rd, City Centre, Central Stn and the National Oceanography Centre. 4 former London General Volvo B7TLs with Plaxton President bodywork have been acquired for this service increase, and will operate alongside the existing Scania Omnicitys. 1311 was out in service on Thursday, and all should be out and about come the new week. The other Unilink services only have minor timetable changes.

Furthermore, First are starting to introduce their new buses into service. Although the original plan for the Volvo B7TLs was to enter them into service all at once, 32251 and 32252 have been out in service. The 9 are to be primarily allocated to route 8 (Lordshill - City and Midanbury every 20 minutes) and 8A (City - Hedge End). I managed to catch up with 32251 (LT52WVO) earlier today at Hedge End railway station. There are also 10 Volvo B7RLEs from Devon & Cornwall to enter service - their departure is being covered on the Plymothian Transit blog. So far 66882 and 69248 have entered service, with 66881 and 66883 at Weymouth and due to move up the coast very soon. Once the 10 have arrived, they are intended to be allocated mainly to route 17/17A (Lordshill - Aldermoor - City), although so far they have been seen on the 7, 11, 12 and 17.

In addition, there is a forthcoming route alteration - First's 16A extension from Hamble to Hedge End is to be scrapped, replaced by extensions of route 26 from Fareham at approx. every 90minutes. The extended 26 is to be operated primarily by the recently acquired former Devon & Cornwall Optare Solos, from Hoeford depot. I've only managed to capture one so far - here is 53008 (W808PAF) out of service entering Fareham bus station.

Interesting times in Southampton!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Catch them while you can!

Some of you will have noticed that two of the former London Volvo B7TLs entered service during the week - 32251 operated route 3 for an hour on Wednesday, with 32252 on route 8 yesterday. These buses have replaced two Volvo Olympians - 31820 and 31830 (P920RYO and P930RYO), which have been withdrawn pending transfer.

The last Olympian I had to photograph was 31920 - P920RYO - now withdrawn at Empress Road. The LED has been taken out and placed in one of the new Volvo B7TLs.

These Olympians were new in 1997 to London General as their NV120/NV130 respectively. They were then acquired by First in 2006, and placed into service in Southampton replacing Dennis Arrow double deckers, which were transferred up to Manchester. 9 were acquired directly from London General - P908, 20, 21, 25, 26, 28, 30RYO and R277, 278, 336LGH (First Somerset & Avon also acquired a couple, now in service in Cornwall).

They entered service having been repainted and reupholstered, although many other things stayed the same. The centre door and the London style destination were kept, although the blinds have been replaced by LEDs now. 31825 even ran around for a long time with "London General" on the registration plates - I'm not sure if this has been changed recently. Here is 31826 (P926RYO) in Portswood, last November.

All of the 31*** Olympians are due to transfer later this year* - I'm not sure if I can reveal the destination- once all the Volvo B7TLs arrive. I quite like this batch - my favourite is 31878 (R278LGH) - pictured to the right in Swaythling. It was the first one I rode out of the batch, and I was the first person (as far as I know) to photograph it in service when it arrived (on its own, then), back in October 2005.

Although I'm not sure the rate at which the Volvo B7TLs will arrive and then enter service, the former Go Ahead Olympians' time at FHD is now limited so grab any photos as quickly as you can. They are usually found on route 4 (City - Totton), 5 (City - Lordshill) and 7 (City - Bassett and Millbrook Tesco (7A)).

* It has been suggested that 31825 (P925RYO) will remain at FHD as it has a tachograph and is required for specific school work.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fun in the Sun

It dawned on me as I drove through Portswood today (well, I say drove, I mean crawled through due to roadworks), that I was wasting time. I was wasting time because oppurtunities for easily taking good quality sunny photos are increasingly disappearing. With Autumn here and winter approaching, the shadows are longer, the weather is cloudier, and realistic hours for decent photography in from November onwards are limited to around 1000-1400, apart from in special places.

I find that photographing in winter is so much more demanding. You have to position yourself between shadows cast by buildings. One has to take account curves in the road far more than in the summer. Furthermore, a large number of really good quality photos - the type you'd amass easily on a summer's sunny day - are much fewer in number in the winter. To the left is BlueStar's old 733 (H733DDL), photographed along Stoneham Lane in Swaythling last December. This is one of my favoured locations for sunny winter photos as I've done it so may times before. 733 in this shot was on a special working on BlueStar 2 because the previous bus had broken down (I believe).
Indeed, the more usual outcome of winter shots is shown to the right, of First's Omnidekka 36001 (YN04GNV) in Lyme Regis at the end of last November. Shadows from bus stops, signs, pedestrians are all incredibly frustrating!
The classic winter shot - lots of glare and long shadows. Here is BlueStar's 2603 (R603NFX) seen at the top of Otterbourne Hill last October. I vowed on that trip I would return on a sunny summer's day - alas I've never got round to it...
When I started this blog, I promised ramblings of a bus enthusiast, and you've got it in this post. Decent quality winter photographs give myself, at least, far more satisfaction than easy summer shots. The low sun can really enhance colours of the bus, sometimes. The seasons changing - bare branches, leaves at the side of the road - also create an autumnal atmosphere that makes successful photographs worth the effort, of the hours spent in the cold and wet, frustrated and annoyed at that bl**dy car that's just got in the way of the shot you've nearly frozen to death for. Here's to lots more this year, and good luck to all photographers.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Portswood Memories

Tomorrow I return to University in Southampton for the first time since Portswood's closure. I have not been any where near Portswood since early June - mainly because I haven't had any need, either academically or bus-related. Tomorrow, it will very strange for me as I sit at the route 3 bus stop, in St Denys Road as I have done many-a-time, and not see or hear Portswood depot in operation.

On the way to or from my lectures, I would frequently give myself 20minutes or so in Portswood high street - enough time to grab at least one of photo First's route 7 or BlueStar's 2, along with a couple of Unilink or First route 3 obs, and a 14 if I was lucky. Route 3 operates every 10 minutes during the week, and could have anything at Portswood allocated to it - always of interest and always easy to photograph.

I would also peer over the wall to have a look at which buses were on death row (buses backed onto the rear wall, in the corner, when withdrawn or, in some cases, being prepared for service). A quick walk to the sheds was also involved, as various interesting buses often sat at the rear - easy for a quick photograph. Although Empress Road is only down the road, it isn't as convenient and enthusiast friendly as Portswood was. New arrivals or perculiar occurances aren't as easy to find as a quick look over Portswood's wall.

Portswood's closure is a shame from a personal point of view, but not all is lost. I have left it so long that things in Portswood have begun to get interesting again. Firstly, if we look at BlueStar, the former Go Ahead London Presidents are ready for service on Unilink route U1 - all which require photographing. Furthermore, BlueStar have repainted Dennis Trident 775 and 777 into the dark blue livery, and route 14 is Trident operated, which adds further interest. First too are introducing Volvo B7RLEs from Devon & Cornwall already (as an aside, 69248 is already in service - with accompanying black-surrounded headlights...), and Volvo B7TL deckers from London onto the 8A soon, which are quite likely to stray onto route 3 or 7 every so often...

An appeal of sitting along St Denys Road waiting for the 3 to arrive - the odd workings it throws up. Here is usually route 8 allocated 37162 (HY07FSV), one of 5 Wright bodied Volvo B7TLs allocated to Empress Road. Lets hope these don't end up with black headlight-surroundings...

My Portswood updates should recommence soon - if I find anything interesting you'll find it on here. And forgive me in advance if I say Portswood meaning Empress Road!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

London Cascades

First Hampshire & Dorset are, at present, receiving 9 former First in London Volvo B7TLs with Alexander ALX400 bodywork. Fleetnumbers 32251 to 32259, these buses will go onto routes 8 and 8A (Lordshill - City Centre - Townhill & Midanbury (route 8) and Hedge End - City Centre (route 8A), along with the native Wright bodied Volvo B7TLs acquired by Portswood depot in 2007. I will take this oppurtunity to explore some of the recent buses acquired from London by First H&D...
The most recently acquired buses that began life with London are two Volvo Olympians - N310JBV and P244UCW, pictured here. Numbered 34044 now at Hampshire, it was acquired from Centrewest, via Bristol.

First Hants & Dorset 34336 (H136FLX) was new to London Buslines as their fleet number 36, passing to First Centrewest's operation. The First London branding was introduced in 2001, and 34336 still carries a number of First London notices inside.
A number of former First London Dennis Dart SLFs operate from Hilsea depot, mostly on route 6. Here is 41638 (R638VLX) in Southsea.
Some buses entered service in Hampshire still wearing the First London livery - here is Dennis Arrow 31954 (S454SLL) in Hamble.
Not all ex-London buses were new to First (or the companies they took over) - indeed Southampton and Hoeford operate 3 Volvo Olympians acquired from Stagecoach in London. Here is 34033 (P543HMP) in Portswood - all three of this batch still retain their centre door and a number of London notices within.
Finally for this evening is Dennis Dart/Wright 45394 (JDZ2394), new to London Buses Ltd. as their DW94. Acquired from First Beeline in 2000, Hoeford operated a total of 15 of these buses in all, including the first example, JDZ2300. The last bus withdrawn was 45389, the last to wear First Provincial Red and Cream livery.

None of the Volvo B7TLs have entered service yet - the word is that all 9 will arrive before they enter service. So far 32251, 32252 and 32253 have definately arrived at Empress Road, and these are being prepared for service.

Monday, 13 September 2010

MOD571P - The Last Day

It has been confirmed by sources within First Hants & Dorset that MOD571P's last day in  operational service will be Saturday 25th September 2010. Engineers have been asked to ensure that MOD is serviceable, and she will be out one last time on route 501 to Portland Bill. This will mark the end of the regular operation of Bristol VRs within First, and all major group companies along the South Coast also.

MOD571P, in its short term guise as 38571, along Weymouth Seafront on a cloudy 2nd June 2004, freshly painted into an all over advert livery for the Waterside Holiday Park.

Where this is a sad day, it could have occured a few years ago, so we must be thankful she has lasted so long. I had what I thought was my last ride on her last summer, all the way to Portland Bill and back. It was an incredibly windy day, but she effortlessly navigated the hills around Weymouth and Portland and it was a very enjoyable ride. Hopefully someone will preserve her - maybe even First as a heritage vehicle such as Eastern National's VR - but in the present economic climate I fear she may be lost to the scrap heap.

See you on the 25th with a bit of luck!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bude Update

The bus industry frequently changes, with route alterations, arrival or departure of new buses and more. One of my favourite locations for bus photography is Bude, North Cornwall. It is rather difficult in Bude to take good photos - especially if the sun is out - due to weight of traffic and holiday makers - but I have found a soft spot for it due to the rapidly changing bus scene. In 2002, the first time I visited as a bus enthusiast, First were still on the 122 / 124 to Boscastle, Tintagel and Newquay, and much has changed since then! I came back from the town less than a month ago, and already things have changed.

Route 599 was introduced by Western Greyhound replacing Hookways' X90 from Bude to Exeter, and First's 285, a tendered route connecting Bude with Holsworthy, via various villages not served by the X9. Where the Exeter journeys on the 599 are unaffected, all of the short 599 journeys have been withdrawn and replaced by a dial-a-ride service. Western Greyhound's 520 now operates to the villages of Bridgerule and Pyworthy on Wednesdays only, for Holsworthy market, leaving them without any regular conventional bus service for the other weekdays. Here is Vario 503 (S503SRL) pictured on one of the now withdrawn short workings on 11th August, at Holsworthy church.

First Devon & Cornwall's 41151 (P151NLW) in Holsworthy on the old 285, again outside Holsworthy church. The number display could not display 285, so the bus ran simply displaying Holsworthy and Bude. Pictured on 3rd August 2006. 41151 has since moved onto First Cymru.

The second change since my visit a month ago sees the introduction of a second Mercedes-Benz Citaro in green. Fleetnumber 207, registered BU53ZWZ, and acquired from Worths, Oxford, it has been added to the fleet to provide a back up vehicle on the 599 and extra capacity on the 576 to Plymouth. 207 joins fellow green-livered 206 (WK04OKE), pictured here along Bude strand on 8th August this year on a Sunday 599 to Exeter.
Note: Western Greyhound have also introduced another brand new Citaro on the Truro Park & Ride contract - WK10AZU. Click here for photos if it in service. The arrival of 207 and 208 brings the total number of Citaros in service with WGH to 8.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Stagecoach in Eastleigh

Following BlueStar's withdrawal of route A (Eastleigh - Hedge End - Hamble), in February 2008, three operators took over the service. Operating the weekday route, but with extensions to Botley rather than Hamble, were Velvet. Operating the Hamble-Hedge End section, plus the evening Eastleigh-Hedge End section, were First Hants & Dorset. Stagecoach in Hampshire took over the Sunday operation.

The old order on the Sunday route A. Here is Solent Blue Line 579 (SN03LDJ), pictured on Eastleigh Bus Station's stand A on Sunday 23rd September 2007. The Hedge End-Hamble section of route A on Sundays completely disappeared following the February 2008 changes.

Stagecoach in Hampshire largely operate Dennis Dart SLFs on the Sunday route A in Eastleigh. Route A operates at a frequency of hourly with a lunch gap, allowing it to use one bus and the same driver (a viewer of this blog, as it happens!). Here is Dennis Dart SLF 33027 (NDZ3017), pictured in Mansbridge on the second Sunday of Stagecoach's operation of route A.

Further BlueStar Sunday route withdrawals saw Stagecoach win the contract for two more Eastleigh services - the Sunday route C1 from Eastleigh to Chandlers Ford, and the Sunday working on route E2 from Eastleigh to Winchester. Velvet now operate these Sunday workings, but I was lucky enough to photograph Stagecoach Hampshire Enviro200 36016 (GX07FXD) in Velmore on route C1 on Sunday 27th September 2009.

Very occasionally, Stagecoach in Hampshire use their Tridents on route A, where extra capacity may be required - such as on Bank Holidays. Here is 18527 (GX06DYC) pictured in Eastleigh bus station - on stand A - the same location as the Red Rocket MPD is pictured in the first image. 18527 is pictured on Friday 2nd April, this year. I think Tridents have only been used on route A three times; twice were due to cricket matches at the Rose Bowl.

If you fancy grabbing some shots of Stagecoach operations on route A in Eastleigh, here's the timetable.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Southampton - Hamble route 16

As a bus enthusiast, one will always have fond routes that have either some historical or unique-individual importance to themselves. One such route for myself is First Hants & Dorset's route 16, from Southampton to Hamble. This route was the main way for me to photograph First Southampton buses when I was younger, involving a short hop to Hamble. These are a number of my photographs from Hamble over the years, which illustrate how route 16 has changed in 8 years worth of photography...

Back in 2002, the main buses used on the 16 were First Southampton's Leyland Atlanteans. Operating in their bright Southampton Red livery, they trundled down to the village at a frequency of every half an hour. Here is Leyland Atlantean 1269 (FTR269X) at the Hamble terminus

Replacing the Atlanteans were Dennis Arrows - which became the main vehicle type allocated to the 16/16A. Arrows wore a variety of liveries at Southampton, but most remained in either Capital Citybus Yellow or First London Red. Here demonstrating the former, is 553 (P424PVW), which has since been transferred up to Manchester. Pictured in June 2003.
Arrows increasingly were painted into corporate livery - first into Barbie 2 as illustrated here - and three even made it into the universal First livery. Having now also received a national fleet number, here is P424PVW again, now numbered 31924. Pictured in August 2004.
Summer 2005 saw the introduction of a 20minute frequency on the 16 and the arrival of 4 Dart MPDs specifically allocated to the service, purchased with funding from Eastleigh Borough Council. Here is 43848 (SN55CXE) down at the redesigned Hamble bus terminus- now on the opposite side of Hamble Lane. As can be seen by the image, these buses also carried branding for the 16. The 4 MPDs are now in service with First Essex.

2009 saw further investment, with 4 ADL Enviro200s replacing the MPDs. These Enviros were the first type of this bus in service with First Hants & Dorset. Here is 44510 (YX58HWJ) pictured in Hamble Lane, pictured on the new 16A variety of the route. 16A journeys continued to Hedge End at Hamble, replacing BlueStar's Red Rocket route A. Both of First's MPD and Enviro200 are available in Creative Master model form.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Portswood Paint

It divides opinion from bus enthusiast, near and far. Some vehicles carry it, while others seem to strangely miss its treatment. It identifies a vehicle as having been painted at First Hants & Dorset's old Portswood depot. I'm of course referring to the black paint that some First Hants & Dorset buses carry having been treated to a new repaint in Portswood depot. Here are a selection of the finest variety of repaints on offer...
Volvo B7TL 32032 - W802EOW

Former First Leeds Dart 40616 - M244VWW

Portswood based Dart SLF 42512 - R412WPX

Dennis Dart 47367 (N467ETR)

Weymouth based 48208 - V808EFB - at Town Bridge

Now withdrawn former First Manchester 50122 - M159LNC

Finally, Volvo B10M 60524 - H682THL

It will be interesting to see if the extra black continues now the depot switch to Empress Road has been made. Certainly, opinion is divided but I personally quite like most versions, although it suits certain types of buses more than others. After First introduced their livery nationwide removing local liveries, it is also satisfying to have some sort of local identity.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

End of a (Relatively Short) Era

In 2007, Southern Vectis' investment in 7 Mercedes-Benz Citaro brought the first full size single deckers to the Isle of Wight for many a year. Numbered 451 to 457, these buses upgraded route 9 between Ryde and Newport. Following recent network changes, route 9 had replaced sections of the previous route 1 (Sandown & Bembridge to Cowes) and 7 (round the island). Route 9 operated at every 15 minutes, with half hourly journeys connecting to Bembridge. The main allocation was the then, ever present, Olympian fleet as illustrated here by 738 (K738ODL), pictured in Oakfield in April 2006 on one of those extensions to Bembridge.

The Citaros introduced a 10 minute frequency between Ryde and Newport, with journeys alternating between Staplers and Fairlee. As the route became more popular, the frequency increased to every 7/8 minutes, with 15 minute frequency over each of the Fairlee/Staples sections. Here is Mercedes-Benz Citaro 454 (HW07CXU) approaching Newport bus station in October 2009.

With the frequency increase came additional Citaros - fleet numbers 479 and 480 (HF06FUA/B respectively). New to Go Ahead at Wilts & Dorset, but immediately loaned to the then Accord Southern operated Unilink in Southampton, 479 and 480 arrived at Southern Vectis following the introduction of new Scania Omncity single decks on the Unilink routes, introduced by BlueStar's after their successful bid for the Unilink contract. 479 (HF06FUA) is pictured in Ryde bus station in October 2009, departing for Newport via Staplers.

Due to a number of factors, the Citaros on the 9 were replaced. These factors involved calls for extra capacity - double decks - on route 9, and low reimbursement rates for those with free elderly bus passes. Other factors were probably taken into consideration, but I am outside of Southern Vectis and don't wish to speculate. Double decks allowed the frequency to return to every 10 minutes, which solved two problems in one. Southern Vectis' new Scania Omnicitys replaced the Citaros on the 9 - seeing 451 to 457 move to the mainland to upgrade BlueStar's route 9 (nice parallel there!) between Southampton, Hythe and the Waterside in Spring 2010. They now carry BlueStar's fantastic dark blue livery, as illustrated here again by 454 (HW07CXU), in Hythe.

Sometime within the next 15 weeks will see 479 and 480 move on again, leaving Southern Vectis. They are to be retained while roadworks are completed on the island, although the situation elsewhere may dictate their withdrawal before those 15 weeks are up. I've travelled on many of Southern Vectis' Citaros and they have always been comfortable, well presented and very stylish. They will be missed by myself, at least, but bus companies aren't operated for enthusiasts - and the Omnicitys and Omnidekkas aren't bad at all.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Weymouth's Open Toppers

For the first time in many a year, Weymouth operated three open toppers this summer for its 501 Summer service. Route 501 operates hourly from Portland Bill to Weymouth, with some journeys extending to Bowleaze Cove.

MOD571P has turned into many people's favourite VR. The only one remaining in fulltime service within First* still sees frequent use on the route, and here she is pictured on 2nd September at Weymouth seafront. 39971 is due for withdrawal at the end of this summer season, but this has been said for many years. After all, MOD was originally acquired by People's Provincial for spares, and here she still stands.

An unfortunate accident with a low bridge in Southampton gives us our second open topper. Acquired from Metrobus in Autumn 2004, N528LHG was acquired by First Hants & Dorset in 2005 at Portswood depot. However, following her accident, withdrawn Olympian A757VAF donated the front of her roof, and here 34528 carries on in Weymouth. Pictured on 2nd September of Weymouth's now withdrawn Park and Ride service - the 510 will no longer continue as it is to be replaced next year with a brand new Park and Ride service connected with developments in Weymouth for the Olympics.

Weymouth's most recently acquired open topper is Volvo Citybus E215BTA, new to Western National. After a few early teething troubles, 38015 is now in regular service and joined MOD571P on the 501 to Portland on 2nd September. Pictured basking in the sun along Weymouth seafront.

Finally for today is blast from the recent past - ATA555L - the last Mk2 VR that was in service with First Hants & Dorset. Finally numbered 39955, here she is pictured along the seafront back in June 2004, where the 1A operated to Portland Bill at a higher frequency of every 30 minutes using a variety of VRs. ATA555L was acquired by Southern National from Western National before both companies were taken over by First. On this day in June, I also managed to photograph MBZ7140, VDV142S and MOD517P.

Thanks for reading my first post. Please feel free to browse all of my photos from Thursday afternoon in Weymouth.

* First in Essex still own and operate KOO790V in preserved Eastern National livery, although this does not see full time active service work.


Hi All,

This is my new blog! Over the past few years blogging has grown increasingly, with various excellent bus blogs around the country these days bringing excellent insight, information and interest.

This blog intends to cover any bus related incidents across Southern England, although in reality bang up to date photos and information will focus on Hampshire. This blog will focus on the enthusiast side of buses, looking a photos, news and the experience of being a bus enthusiast. I've never worked in a bus company, so the management side will be a lacking a little bit, but prehaps that is a good thing.

The owner of this blog has also brought you Southern England Bus Photosthe Unofficial First Hants & Dorset website and accompanying forum

Please feel free to leave any comments, and I hope this becomes a successful blog in the long term!