Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Lost Scenes - Sunday 4th November

As I'm on a bit of an Olympian theme at the moment, here's another one...

First Devon & Cornwall 30065 - A167VFM - Bude Strand - 5th August 2006

Today, the only route that First Devon & Cornwall operate into North Cornwall is route 76/76A. The route is operated by Plymouth depot and primarily sees Volvo B6BLEs make the trip up to Bude via Saltash, Callington and Launceston. It is now First's only route in Bude after the X9 was given up earlier this year.

Back track 6 and a half years ago, and First operated many routes into Bude - the route to Plymouth was the X8, supported by the X9 to Exeter, the 128 town service, the 285 to Holsworthy and the 319 to Hartland. 

There was a regular early Saturday morning departure from Bude which was always booked to be an Olympian. I woke up and managed to grab the shot, and on Saturday 5th August it was former PMT DOG A167VFM. It was the only one of these that I ever caught in service with Devon & Cornwall - we had two at Hoeford depot (30050 and 30056) too.I remember this bus being immaculate. The presentation was excellent. It had recently received the willow leaf First livery, which was just being rolled out across the whole fleet as opposed to simply the best low floor buses. 

I'm not sure if Olympians get up to Bude much on the 76 these days - if they do, send me a link to a photo because I'd like to see it.

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  1. Back in 2006 all journies north of Callington were operated by Bude or Callington depot (mostly Callington) The double decker on the early morning sats journey would have been the Callington depot one which did the 928 College run mon to fri Callington - Truro College and return, being our spare vehicle on week-ends gave us the extra seats needed on this busy trip. it would also be double decked in school holidays. It would operate the first journey from Callington to Bude then Bude Plymouth and then several Plymouth - Callington - Plymouths before operating a teatime service back to Bude then back to Callington - more photos can be found at - -