Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Lost Scenes - 18th December

This week's Sunday lost scene comes from The Hard in 2003...

Dennis Dart 32430 - 404DCD - The Hard, Portsmouth - March 2003

Remember when the 21 was step entry Darts advertising a service to Sainsburys and air conditioning? Replaced in 2003 by the same back of Darts that operate on the 21 today, Farlington depot previously used former Hong-Kong step entry Dart / Pointers, in the old stripes livery.

The buses' last few months in service were just as I started to photograph buses. Indeed, their replacements, the 34445-54 batch of Transbus Dart SLFs, was my first "brand new" batch of buses I'd ever photographed. It was sad to see these ones go, but I'm glad I managed a few photos before they went away for good.

Just to let all viewers know that my Stagecoach South collection on my smugmug site is now nearing completion - feel free to have a look for more trips down memory lane!

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