Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Lost Scenes - 4th December

My Sunday Lost Scenes from this week is a scene from earlier this year...

Shamrock were an operator in Dorset earlier this year, which operated a moderately-sized fleet mainly on contract services - be it tendered service work, school services, shopping contracts and more. Unfortunately, they went into administration earlier this year and had to cease trading, meaning their assets were sold on. Therefore, many bus operators have bought ex-Shamrock stock.

This photo comes from Poole on 19th March this year, with Shamrock Dart 213 (P262NRH) entering the bus station on a 32 from Merley. I quite liked Shamrock - I'm not usually the biggest fan of independents (don't know why) but something about the orange took my interest and I photographed ever bus I could. It is a shame they no longer operate, but here is my lost scene from which to remember the company.


  1. This is of course the SLF Dart which initially operated for Shamrock in EYMS livery, and is now in Eastleigh with Velvet, still running in orange.

    Shamrock seem to have expanded too fast, and let their costs exceed their income - never a shrewd business move.

  2. I'm given to understand that 262 has entered the paintshop this week . . .