Thursday, 27 September 2012


This is a rough and estimated guide to the frequencies of buses in and around Portsmouth, following the changes. I reserve the right to have made mistakes. When a map is released, I'm sure all will be clear.

Please note: these are the frequencies on the new First network. I haven't taken into account Stagecoach services.

The Hard - Old Portsmouth - 6 an hour (route 1)

The Hard - Southsea, South Parade Pier - 12 an hour (route 1, short via Old Portsmouth, long via City Centre)

The Hard - City Centre - 27 buses an hour

The Hard and Portsmouth City Centre - Fareham - 6 buses an hour (2x X4s, 3x route 3s with a 3A also)

Portsmouth City Centre - Cosham - 22 buses an hour

Portsmouth City Centre - QA Hospital - 12 buses an hour (route 2, route 3/3A, route X9)

The Hard and Portsmouth City Centre - Paulsgrove shops - 8 buses an hour (routes 2 and 3)

The Hard - Eastney - 18 buses an hour

Portsmouth City Centre - Eastney - 19 buses an hour

Fareham - QA Hospital - 4 buses an hour (route 3/3A)

Fareham - Havant - 0 buses an hour

Fareham - Portchester - 6 buses an hour (3x route 3s, and 2x X4s. One 3A also goes to Portsdown Inn)

Fareham - Cosham - 4 buses an hour (route 3/3A only)

Southsea shops - Fratton - 2 buses an hour (route Zero)

Southsea shops / South Parade Pier - Fareham - 0 buses an hour

South Parade Pier buses in any direction - 12 route 1s, 6 route 7s

Portsmouth City Centre - Waterlooville - 12 buses an hour (route 7, route 8, route X9)

Interesting times ahead!


  1. Nice breakdown Mr M. In all fairness, I think this revision is brilliant, with the possible failings of the re-numberings (service 5 springing immediately to mind) which may confuse some people.

    Shame that Southsea loses a direct Fareham service, but given the frequency to the Hard/Gunwharf to connect onto the X4, I guess that's forgivable. What I'd like to have seen would be an "XX4" giving a swift Portsmouth - Fareham - Southampton service (echoing the Solent Shuttle and adding Fareham from a few years ago) - I've made many trips on the X4 since it's inception, and there seems to be a large amount of passengers that board in Portsmouth and get off at Southampton - seems that Titchfield / Locks Heath passengers only do short journies, so would an 'express' service be justifiable? Sure, they've failed in the past, but given the current economic climate, many are turning away from their cars - Dave next door works at BAT in Southampton, and he's switched to bus/train/taxi rather than driving, as it saves him £50 weekly (ok - his car is a rather thirsty Jag XJS, but even if he had a more frugal car, he reckons that he'd still have more pounds in his wallet when it's his round at the Florence Arms!)

    Just thoughts, of course!

  2. Remind Dave about Plusbus ticketing & you may get that drink too!!
    Also agree re Fareham to Southsea. That's just plain wrong. Probably be one of the mistakes that get rectified shortly after the inception!