Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Metrobus route 23 in Worthing

Metrobus operate into Worthing from Crawley on hourly route 23. The 23 takes an hour and a half to travel inland from the south coast. Worthing is closest place to where I live where Metrobus operate. During my visit today, I observed three Scania Omncity single deckers on the 23 - the type seems to be the main allocation.

Scania 532 (YN03UWY) arrives in Worthing on the 23 from Crawley at 1109. 532 is a twin-doored example that was new to the Fastway services operated by Metrobus, back in 2003. It was then in a livery of silver and blue - here it wears the most recent variation of the livery consisting of two-tone blue.

The 23 sits on stand for approximately 13 minutes before its 90 minute return trip to Crawley. Here is 532 passing along Worthing's Marine Parade. The dual-door layout is illustrated clearly in this view.
While in Worthing today, I also noted arrivals of Scanias 535, and, pictured here, 513 (YP52CTO). 513 is a single door example, and pictured here heading along Marine Parade, Worthing, having just dropped off its final passengers.
Thanks for viewing - I have Stagecoach photos to come by the weekend from my trip to Worthing today as well.

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