Friday, 7 October 2011

First in Bath

The bus scene in Bath has changed a bit since my last visit two years ago - the city now has former Sheffield Super Pointer Darts, fewer step entry buses, and new Volvo B7RLEs with Eclipse 2 bodywork arriving every hour on the 173 from Wells. Here are some photos from First.

Bath operate a number of Volvo B7TLs that were new to Bristol in 2003 - these buses look fantastic in the Autumn sunshine, as 32282 (WR03YZP) arrives on route 319.

Bath operate Volvo B7TLs with Wright Eclipse bodywork on the Park and Ride routes, wearing this blue, white and green livery. 32687 (WX56HKC) is pictured in Bath city centre on route 41.

This is certainly a well travelled Dart - 40160 (P139NLW) was new to London, which was then transferred to PMT (where it was renumbered), and then transferred to Wales before Bath. 40160 would be numbered 41139 in the correct sequence, but was numbered before any common sense and order was found!

One of a number of former Sheffield Dennis Dart SPDs that now operate around the city, here is 40517 (S512UAK) heading over Broad Quay. I have found that these Darts are primarily allocated to route 14.

6 Volvo B6BLEs new to York are operated in the city, and usually allocated on the country routes. However, last Saturday 40593 (YG02DHY) was pictured operating "Bright Orange" University route 18 - seen passing Bath bus station.

A number of shorter Darts are operated on city services that require reduced capacity - here is 42552 (WX05UAJ), pictured on route 13. It still carries part of the "Get Around Bath" branding that it wore when the Bath network was revitalised in 2005.

The number of step entry buses are ever dwindling in Bath. Dennis Dart 46240 (N240KAE) is one of the few buses in service in the city that was actually new to Badgerline. I don't expect to see this vehicle in service the next time I visit - the clock must be ticking.

The second step entry bus I saw in service on Saturday was former Midland Red Vario 52554 (S554RWP), out and about on route 1. It is pictured heading past Bath bus station.

Finally for today, here is Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse 2 69436 (WX59BYN), one of a number of buses introduced late in 2009 for the Bath - Wells and Bristol - Wells - Yeovil/Bridgwater routes. They still look fantastic two years later.

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