Saturday, 11 December 2010

BlueStar Solos

My visit to Bishops Waltham on Friday helped me complete my photos of all the Optare Solos that BlueStar have operated. All have been acquired from Wilts & Dorset at various times in years gone by, with the initial examples brought in to bolster Red Rocket services, and the latter ones (identifiable by the newer BlueStar logo on the front) came to replace Transbus Dart MPDs at Eastleigh. This is a pictoral post to illustrating all of these buses.

2603 - R603NFX - Otterbourne Hill
Heading for Eastleigh on route E2
4th November 2009

Allocated to Eastleigh
2604 - R604NFX - Allbrook Hill
Heading for Winchester on route E1
4th November 2009

Allocated to Eastleigh
2605 - R905NFX - Highfield
Heading for Southampton City Centre on route 14
12th February 2010

Allocated to Eastleigh
2609 - R609NFX - Bishops Waltham
Arriving from Eastleigh on route F
10th December 2010

Allocated to Eastleigh
2610 - R610NFX - Botley Rd, Sholing
Heading for Weston on the now withdrawn route 15
2nd February 2009

Allocated to Eastleigh

2633 - T633AJT - Hythe (Ferry Yard)
Pictured on Hythe town service H2
24th April 2010

Allocated to Totton

2634 - T634AJT - Hythe (Prospect Place)
Arriving in Hythe on town service H2
6th November 2009

Allocated to Totton

2659 - V659DFX - Winchester bus station
Departing for Eastleigh on Red Rocket route E1
12th February 2008

Vehicle withdrawn- now with Damory

2664 - V665DFX - Barton Park depot
Pictured out of service
29th February 2008

Vehicle withdrawn - now back with Wilts & Dorset
2668 - V668DFX - Swaythling
Pictured heading for Bitterne on route 14
8th February 2010

Allocated to Eastleigh

2669 - V669DFX - Winchester bus station Pictured arriving in Winchester on route E2
12th February 2008

Allocated to Eastleigh (now in blue!)

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  1. The Solo's are actually ideal for the routes that they are used on - basically the letter prefixed routes. Although the examples at Eastleigh are some of the oldest examples in Go South Coast, they do the work required of them admirably and passengers have few complaints. It will be interesting to see what eventually replaces them.