Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Update - 2/12/10

All of your bus diversions in one place.....

AS of 0745

FIRST Hants & Dorset
* No service in Southampton
* Fareham - route 57 from Fareham to Portchester only, route 81 from Fareham to Gosport (NOT Bus Stn) via main roads only
* Portsmouth - route 1 Hilsea to City Centre only

* 1 from usual route but via motorway instead of Otterbourne
* 2 usual route except main road via Portswood and Swaythling (Stoneham Way, Stoneham Lane)
* 3 Southampton - Hedge End
* 4 Southampton - Romsey via main roads
* 8 Southampton - Appledore, not via Marchwood, possibly to Hythe
* 9 Southampton - Hythe bypass via main roads (unsure Hythe Centre) - Fawley
* 10 Southampton - Cadnam via Netley Marsh & main roads
* 11 Cadnam - Netley Marsh - Totton
* 12 Southampton - Calmore via main roads
* 18 top of Thornhill - main roads - via McDonalds - Millbrook estate
* Unilink via main roads, nothing serving south side of Central Stn

STAGECOACH South - I can't access website but according to reports, driving conditions are poor in Portsmouth. However, they were the last buses standing in Portsmouth at the start of the year.

* route A between Eastleigh and Hedge End is being trialled at the mo
* no C or S2

BRIJAN - nothing available on website yet, but as BlueStar aren't operating into Botley I would have thought all services cancelled

Hope that's of interest, I'll try and get some photos later.


  1. Your local friendly Stagecoach mole says ...


    * Route 20 - no service

    * Route 21 - normal route, except not serving West Leigh or St Albans Road

    * Route 23 - normal route but with delays

    * Route 37 - operating as far as Cowplain. Not serving High Field Avenue or Hazelton Way and terminating at Catherington Lane.

    * Route 39 - reduced frequency. Not serving ASDA or Westbrook Grove, will use Philip Road.

    * Route 700 - normal route from Portsmouth to Chichester


    All service are suspended except

    * Park & Ride are operating limited services

    * Route 5 - operating from Badger Farm and Winnall approx every 20 mins. Not serving Tesco at Winnall.

    * The Spring - to Springvale but not serving Springvale Estate and maybe subject to other diversions on the route.

  2. I would go out and try to get some "buses in the snow" pictures, but seeing as there's not a lot actually running, I think I might just stay in the toasty warm and catch up on things, and watch god-awful daytime TV all day!

  3. Thanks Matt, sorry for the late reply. I didn't get round to updating this - this was meant to be an early morning Rush Hour update - later on in the day decisions whether to go to work/school etc. had been made.