Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Unilink's new PVLs

Today was the first time I've managed to catch up with one of BlueStar's new Volvo B7TL/Plaxton Presidents, now in use on the Unilink U1 service between the National Oceanography Centre and Southampton Airport.

BlueStar Volvo B7TL 1310 (VJI3968, previously W477WGH) pictured at Southampton Airport earlier this afternoon.

All of the Volvo B7TLs were recently acquired from London General, a fellow Go Ahead owned company, where they are in the PVL class of fleetnumbers. A brief summary below shows the changes:
PVL74 - W474WGH - now f/no. 1310 and registered VJI3968 at BlueStar
PVL77 - W477WGH - now f/no. 1311 and registered YSU875 at BlueStar
PVL78 - W478WGH - now f/no. 1312 and registered USV115 at BlueStar
PVL81 - W481WGH - now f/no. 1313 and registered SBL364 at BlueStar

As shown above, all have recieved cherished registrations already within the Go South Coast group taken from other buses, which have since reverted back to their original registrations as far as I'm aware. Even though these buses are now over a decade old, you certainly wouldn't know that if you saw one in Southampton city centre - their presentation following refurbishment and repaint is excellent.

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