Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ugo to Southampton

Just a quick Sunday snap, of former First West Yorkshire and Plymouth Ugobus Volvo B7RLE 69248 (YJ07WFP) now out in service with First Hampshire and Dorset.

With thanks to Mr G for alerting me to 69248's operation on route 8A - much appreciated!

69248, as you will have noticed, has received First Hants & Dorset's famous black paint treatment. I didn't like it at all at first, but when you see them for real it does add a smartness to the Volvo B7RLE - and it also makes them look slightly similar to the Wright Eclipse Mk2 versions. I'm even starting to become a little fond of it. To the right is First Bristol's 69449 (WX59BZC). The bodywork of the Wright Eclipse Mk2 makes the extra black paint slightly more appropriate, due to the curves of the body. Anyway, I'll leave you to make your own opinions... 66882 - the only other B7RLE to arrive thus far - has also received the black paint so I'd assume the other 8 due will also receive it unless management have changed their mind! Management has changed their minds - the other 8 should enter service with the usual pink headlight surrounds.


  1. Glad you got your photo James.

    In the flesh I thought the black looked worse than in your photo, in that it merges with the dark blue skirt and just looks odd!

    I think 69248 only appeared on the 8A today as Eclipse Gemini 37165 was seen being dragged away from Hedge End by Boarhunt recovery earlier on in the day - 32031 and 37163/4 were the other buses on the route today.

  2. Thanks, but the photo was all down to you. Sorry I couldn't hang around - I need to photograph 32031 (still haven't photographed it since its accident with a bridge many many years ago). I did see 37163 as I was leaving though.

    It is strangely growing on me - the black paint - however I'm not sure if this is because I'm just glad to get one of the new B7RLEs!

    Thanks again :-)