Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Before they were Breezers

With yesterday and today being the first days of 2011 with periods of clear and unbroken sunshine, I've decided to roll out some photos of Southern Vectis' open toppers. Well not quite- these are images of some of Southern Vectis' Island Breezers before they were famous...

First up here is 743 (K743ODL), now 643 and primarily allocated on the Needles Tour during the summer months. 743 is captured here near Shanklin rail station in summer 2003, where it proudly wore the red Route Rouge livery. Shame it was on an Island Explorer service when photographed...
The four former Solent Blue Line Volvo Olympians saw regular service on Vectis routes before they were converted. Here is 760 (R741XRV), now numbered 641 and usually found on the Downs Tour (whenever I'm over it is anyway!). It is pictured at Church Litten, Newport, during the bus station redevelopment in April 2006.

Finally for today, here is 762 (R738XRV), pictured in Ryde bus station still wearing the remnants of its BlueStar livery. It is pictured entering on a route 9 and the different colours of the SBL and SV blinds can be observed. It is now numbered 638 and I usually find it on the Sandown Bay Tour during the summer. July 2006.

Thanks for viewing - my sightings are not regular allocations and therefore should not be viewed as such. Its just where I usually find the bus when I visit the island, which isn't as often as I would like.

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