Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More for the Bournemouth-Poole corridor

Wilts & Dorset are in the process of receiving a large delivery of Volvo B7RLE/Wright Eclipse Urban mark 2 buses to upgrade the More routes in Bournemouth. M1 currently travels from Poole to Bournemouth and on to Castlepoint, where the M2 operates from Poole to Bournemouth to Boscombe and Southbourne. This blog entry can bring exclusive photos of the first examples in branding - albeit the quality of photo isn't brilliant!

Presently Volvo B7RLEs of approximately 7 years old operate the routes. They are the pride of Wilts & Dorset's southern fleet operating the premier route across the conurbation. Here is 2230 (HF54HHE) outside Bournemouth rail station earlier today.

Brand new buses are being delivered at the moment which will replace the existing Volvo B7RLEs. It has not been mentioned where the existing buses will end up although BlueStar has been touted as a destination for some. Here is HF12GVX - by my calculations the new 2256 although this isn't confirmed.

Two have been fully branded up and are presently in Poole depot. This one is fleet number 2253 and registered HF12GVT. I didn't catch the fleet number or registration of the other one.

Here's a wider shot - apologies for the blur but I took it as I was passing on the train. As can be seen by this photo, the flick has been redesigned and looks excellent in my opinion. 

There is no date on when these will enter service yet - although presumably with the branding fully done a public showing will not be too far away.


  1. It does look better, not sure about the extra red on the front dome though if I'm honest . . .

  2. Here is a much better side on picture

  3. These new buses entered service today - not to sure about the branding but very comfortable.

  4. Any clues to how many they're getting, and how many they have?

  5. nice side view.

  6. Comfortable and a good decision to upgrade

  7. re:Any clues to how many they're getting, and how many they have?

    I think it is either 36 or 38, but we aren't quite certain yet.