Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Buses - 2013

The South is once again seeing investment in bus services across the region. Confirmed are:

BlueStar and Wilts & Dorset - 21 ADL400s due for routes Wilts & Dorset routes X3 (Bournemouth - Salisbury) and 8 (Andover - Salisbury) and BlueStar route 1 (Southampton - Winchester)

Southampton's Unilink - receiving brand new buses for the U1 and U6 - the U6 being double deck'd in the process. Expected to by ADL400s.

Stagecoach South - 10 Enviro300s are due in Basingstoke for the Jazz 2 - some of which have already been delivered, which will be supplemented by 7 further Enviro200s with '13' registrations to upgrade the Jazz 5. Furthermore, 11 Enviro200s are in the process of being delivered to Portsmouth to upgrade local services, and will be allocated to route 39, amongst others. Two are already in service and have been pictured on route 20. Finally, 6 Enviro300s in Stagecoach Gold livery are due to upgrade route 51 in Chichester - again when the '13' registrations come into effect.

First Hants & Dorset - have introduced 14 Volvo B7RLEs to Hoeford and 10 Enviro200s to Southampton in the last year, but apparently interesting developments for Portsmouth will be announced with First's 2013-14 vehicle order.

If I've missed any, please let me know. These deliveries and the resulting cascades will mean 2013 will become an interesting year for buses across the South...


  1. I wonder what routes the Volvo B7RLEs will be used on.

    I hope we get some in the Fareham area, I like those buses

  2. I recon for Hilsea will have new mini low floors instead of old step entry buses.

  3. BigCatFan: The B7RLEs were the Eclipse buses, no?

  4. I hope we get more buses, First need a new one to replace the Double decker involved in Monday's crash

  5. The Stagecoach deliveries are from the 2012-13 new vehicle order.

    I predict another large batch of new buses to this area from the 2013-14 order, likely during the summer.

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  7. Does anyone know if the Southampton Uni route U6 is getting the new Enviros, or if the Scanias and Volvos currently on the U1 will be transferring onto the U6?
    The Scanias currently on the Bluestar 1 are transferring onto the Bluestar 2, with the Citaros transferring onto the Bluestar 3,4,8,9,11/12 and 18.
    The new Enviros for Wilts & Dorset and Bluestar (and possibly Uni-link) will have a similar interior design to the new Southern Vectis Enviros.

  8. the jazz 5 new enviros for stagecoach south will be 12 plated regs ok!